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T1. What type of festival passes do you offer?

There are two types of tickets in terms of the duration of stay at the festival: “Magic Pass” and “Daily Pass”. You can compare the differences between these tickets in the answers below.
There are also two different ticket types regarding the scope of your all-inclusive stay: “Magic Pass” (standard scope) and “Premium Pass” (upgraded scope). You can also compare the differences between these tickets in the answers below.


T2. What is a “Magic Pass”?

Magic Pass includes;
* 3 nights accommodation at festival zone according to your private room selection with your festival buddies
* Access to festival stages
* Free usage of all-day long open buffet restaurants
* Unlimited & free soft drink & beer
* Access to workshops & festival activities
* Sponsor activities
* Hotel facilities like spa, gym, beach and many more
* Room advantages like private bathroom, safebox, housekeeping, TV and many more


T3. What is a “Daily Pass”?

Daily Pass grants access to the festival area, restaurants & bars (unlimited food and beer included) throughout the day without accommodation.
With the Daily Pass, you can enter the festival from 12 PM to 05:00 AM on the day of your ticket and make unforgettable memories at the multiple stages and activity zones until the end of the program that night .
Daily Pass holders can't participate in early morning activities like morning yoga.  
Daily Pass ticket will be available after line-up announcement

Daily Premium Pass includes entrance right to backstage area & free alcohol at this area in addition to Daily Pass rights.

• Depozit payment must be made for Daily Pass & Daily Premium Pass tickets.

- If you join only for 1st day, you need to pay 4000TL depozit at festival entrance. It will be paid back when you leave until 05:00 am 21.04
- If you join only for 2nd day, you need to pay 2000TL depozit at festival entrance. It will be paid back when you leave until 05:00 am 22.04
- If you join only for 3rd day, you do not need to pay depozit.

T4. What are the benefits of a “Premium Pass”?

Premium Passes are essentially VIP upgrades.
Take your Magic Break experience to the top level as a VIP for three days.
How, you ask?
With Premium Pass, you’ll have
✨ Expedited entry to the festival area and stages entrances
✨ Premium bar access and premium alcohol service until 01:00 AM
✨ Backstage entrance,
✨ Late check-out option until 15:00 for the last day of festival, 
✨ Early check-in option starting by 09:00 for the 1st day of festival,
✨ Extra breakfast for the 1st day of festival
… and much more!
Premium Passes are available for both Magic Passes and Daily Passes and are only valid when used with either one of these passes. One can not enter the festival area with a Premium Pass alone.


T5. Are Magic Passes expected to sell out?

Dont mean to brag, but Magic Break has sold out for the past six years in a row now.
You will need to act quickly to secure your place at the festival. Please keep in mind that Magic Passes are limited and distributed on a first-come basis.


T6. What should I do if the Magic Passes sold out before I can purchase my ticket?

Once the Magic Passes are sold out, you will only be able to add yourself to a ticket waitlist via our resale platform. In this case, you don't have to pay until you buy a ticket, but there's no guarantee of slot openings on these listings.


T7. How do I book my place /or/ receive my pass (ticket)?

On our website, you can book your festival reservation / purchase your passes (tickets) — 
Upon successful completion of your booking/purchase, including the personalization process , a confirmation email is sent to your email address with your personalized tickets attached. These are to be shown at the entrance along with a valid ID with a picture to claim your festival pass and receive your wristband.

T9. Can I give someone else my ticket?

When purchasing your tickets, you can send an email to your email address explaining the change you will make when email is received and providing specific contact information. Any request that is not made in writing will not be taken into account.

T10. What are the conditions for ticket refund?

A full refund will be processed if a cancellation notice is received 30 days before the scheduled festival date. For a refund, please contact us at .
All groups that request ticket cancellation less than 30 days before the festival will forfeit all payments made to Magic Break.

T11. May I give my ticket to someone else?

Participants under the age of 18 cannot attend Magic Break.

Your attendance at the Magic Break is not guaranteed by making a reservation and paying for it.Magic break reserves the right to cancel your reservation. Your payment will be restored as soon as feasible, but no later than within 15 days.

F12.When can I come to the festival site?

Entrance to the festival grounds will start at noon (12.00) ,2023 April 20.


F13.Should I bring an identification document to the festival?

Upon entrance, festival security can ask for a photo ID to check your name and age. Please note that a copy of your identification document will not be accepted as valid, and you need to bring the original document. Also, note that if your personalized ticket contains a name other than your ID, you may be denied entry. In such a case, your ticket will not be refunded.

F14. Is there a security check upon entering the festival?

To ensure a safe environment for you and others, all bags will be checked by the festival security before they are admitted to the festival site. Under certain circumstances, authorities at the grounds reserve the right to conduct a physical search to be executed by an employee of the same sex. Refusing these checks will lead to denied access to the event.


F15. What items are not allowed in the festival area?

List of items not allowed in the festival area:
· Knives & sharp objects
· Illegal substances
· Animals (other than registered guide or hearing dogs)
· Professional sound, photo, or video equipment
· Medicine in unusual amounts
· Fireworks & flares
· Open package food & beverages
· Drones
· Any items which may be used as a weapon, such as sharpies, markers, or paint pens

F16. How do I get my wristband?

Upon entrance to the festival, the festival security will scan your personalized tickets, and you will receive your wristband.
Wristbands are only valid if you wear them on your wrist. Note that damaged, glued, cut (etc.) wristbands are considered invalid and cause you to lose your right to stay at the festival grounds. Wristbands cannot be replaced or transferred to another person.

F17. What happens if I lose my wristband?

Do not lose your wristband — no lost or damaged wristbands will be replaced, and you will lose your right to stay at the festival grounds.

F18. Do you have a Lost&Found on the event site?

If you have lost something, please visit the bars to see if it's been handed in. You can also visit our Festival Info-Point at Pegasos Hotels reception. 

F19. Can I leave the event site and then come back?

There are no pass-outs at Magic Break. Once you’ve entered the festival site, you cannot leave and then re-enter.

F20. What are the photo/video rules on the event site?

You are welcome to take as many pictures and videos at the festival as you like. And dont forget to tag us on your best memories!
However, because of our contracts with the artists, professional recording equipment will not be allowed entry. Also, if you will be taking photos or filming on behalf of a particular platform or a medium, you will need written approval from the organizers — please contact us via
It is also worth noting that during Magic Break, we are constantly taking photos and making video recordings with sound. Therefore, it is possible that you can get lucky and appear in our official festival footage or photo albums. By purchasing a festival ticket, you agree to have no claims for appearing on these materials. We may also use your name in our documentation if you sign an agreement.

F21. How do I sign up for the workshops?

Pre-registration is required to attend workshops.
Sign-up forms will be available after the announcement of the workshop program in mid-March. Please visit the “Workshops” page for more information.

F22. Will there be vegan-friendly food?

We have a wide assortment of food, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. 

F23. I have a food allergy. Can I bring my own food and drinks?

If you have food allergies and need to bring in outside food, please bring a valid statement from your doctor, and our security guards will be happy to help approve items upon arrival.

F24. Can I bring my medications?

If you need to take prescribed medication due to health conditions, be prepared to present a valid medical certificate.

F25. Where should I go if I need medical attention?

We have medical staff and an ambulance on-site. For immediate medical attention, please speak to the nearest crew member wearing a Magic Break Shirt or security guard on-site.

F26. Can I bring my pet to Magic Break?

Magic Break loves animals! Therefore, dogs, cats, and other animals are not permitted in the festival area, with the only exception being service animals. Please behave responsibly towards your animal companion and leave them at home or in hotels which will provide them with the care they need.