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Listen yo Your Soul


— Alter of Fire —

Dare to wish your desires and invoke the power of fire.


— Social Circle —

Connect with new souls, including yours, and make new friends to share unforgettable memories with.


— New Moon Ritual —

Celebrate new beginnings and plant dream seeds for the future

at Magic Break on the night of April 20, at the exact day & time of the new moon.


— Power Animal —

Find your spirit animal to awaken your inner might.


Heal Your Body&Soul

== Heal Your Body & Soul ==


— Restorative Yoga & Yin Yoga —

Enjoy a deep relaxation on physical, mental, emotional levels and start the day feeling refreshed.


— Sound Meditation —

Heal your body and clear your mind with the help of cosmic sounds.


— Aquatic (Water) Therapy —

Surrender to the healing power of water and regenerate your body, floating safely in still waters.


— Rhythm Workshop —

Immerse yourself in the rhythm through many instruments from around the world with this interactive group project.



Learn Something New



== Learn Something New ==


— Make Your Own Festival Hat & Mask —

Create your own festive hat and mask with eye-catching details, and take home a lasting memory from the festival.


— The Taste of Magic: Cocktail Workshop —

Guided by expert mixologists, play with fine liqueurs and Mediterranean fruits, herbs, and spices to create your own taste of Magic.


Be Enchanted

== Be Enchanted ==


— Dance Shows —

Admire the most impressive dance, drag, fire and stage shows unfolding all over the festival grounds.

And don't forget to enjoy the magnificent Opening Ceremony!