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Beyond the horizon lies a world of endless possibilities. 

Every spring thousands of electronic music enthusiasts across the globe make their yearly pilgrimage to Antalya for Magic Break, coming together to celebrate their shared love of art, music, and freedom.

A hive of aesthetic experience and forward-thinking electronic music, Magic Break is the largest spring festival in the Mediterranean, with magical stories for you to be part of and make your very own. 

Magic Break started as a student festival in 2005 but its popularity spread like wildfire and is now the festival of choice for international artists from all over the world. Also the community is by far not only Turkish anymore; more than half of all participants are coming from abroad including the UK, Germany, Russia and many more. 

Magic Break has constructed its identity on two incontestable pillars, upon which its success and reputation rest. The first pillar is in keeping with the original Woodstock mission statement of peace, love, and music. The second pillar is high artistic standards that emphasize the intersection of sound, design, and technology. Magic Break is dedicated to bringing together some of the most topnotch local and international artists to one spot, with artistic installations that stimulate all human senses and spectators’ imagination. 

In addition to an excellent musical line-up and a spectacular look and feel, Magic Break has an extra asset; Magicians have free access to unlimited food at the restaurants and beer at the bars, which is a perfect formula to break away from the humdrum of daily life for a few precious days. 

Join us in a magical weekend of electronic music, fun, and friendship. Magic Break features some of the world’s best DJs and local stars, alongside a wealth of festival activities that complement thrilling music, such as dance performances, fun competitions, sporting events, water sports, beach activities, games, workshops, and even wild room parties where you can meet with your favorite DJs and people. 

Soak up all the danceandbefree vibes!


Magic Break is all about creating an authentic experience of music, art, and community. It is a friendly, encouraging, and harassment-free environment, where everybody is welcome and accepted. Abuse, discrimination, and/or harassment based on gender identity; ethnic, cultural, or religious affiliation; physical size; disability; and/or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. 

If you feel uncomfortable at any point during the festival, please reach out to our event staff. Your words will be taken seriously, and action will be taken to remedy the situation to the best of our ability.